Peer-review publications

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2012 Publications 

50)  B. P. T. Fokwa, M. Hermus: All-Boron Planar B6 Ring in the Solid State Phase Ti7Rh4Ir2B8,  Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.   2012, 51, 1702; Angew. Chem. 2012, 124, 1734. (Hot paper) Highlighted in Chemical and Engeneering News (02/2012).

49)  M. Hermus, B. P. T. Fokwa: Competing Electronic and Size Effects When Substituting 3d Elements for Nb in Nb3Ru5B2 En Route to the Quaternary Phases (Nb2–xScx)4gNb2aRu5B2 (1 ≤ x < 2), Nb3–xMxRu5B2 (M = Ti, V; x ≈ 1), and Nb2+xM1–xRu5B2 (M = Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni; 0 < x ≤ 0.5), Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2012, 4877.

48)  J. Nenwa, Befolo Olivier, Gouet, Bebga, M. Mbarki, B. P. T. Fokwa: Pyridinium cis-diaquabis [oxalato(2−)-κ2O1,O2] chromate(III), Acta Cryst. 2012, E68, m1434.

47)  J. Nenwa, B. Gouet, P. L. Djonwouo, B. P. T. Fokwa: Synthesis, X-ray structure and spectroscopic characterization of a non-stoichiometric nanostructured silver salt hosting water-guest molecules. Res. J. Chem. Environ. 2012, 16, 111.

46)  C. Goerens, B. P. T. Fokwa: The complex metal-rich boride Ti1+xRh2−x+yIr3−yB3 (x=0.68, y=1.06) with a new structure type containing B4 zigzag fragments: Synthesis, crystal chemistry and theoretical calculations, J. Solid State Chem. 2012, 192, 119.

45)  P. R. N. Misse, M. Mbraki, B. P. T. Fokwa: Synthesis, crystal structure investigation and magnetism of the complex boride series Crx(Rh1−yRuy)7−xB3 (x = 0.88 − 1, y = 0 − 1) with Th7Fe3−type structure J. Solid State Chem. 2012, 192, 331.

44)  V. L. Deringer, C. Goerens, M. Esters,  R. Dronskowski, B. P. T. Fokwa: Chemical Modeling of Mixed Occupations and Site Preferences in Anisotropic Crystal Structures: Case of Complex Intermetallic Borides. Inorg. Chem. 2012, 51, 5677. Highlighted in Nachrichten aus der Chemie (03/2013).

43)  B. Gouet, Y. A. Mbiangué, J. Nenwa, B. P. T. Fokwa: Synthesis and X-ray structures of two acidic cobalt (III) complex salts based on oxamide dioxime ligand system. Res. J. Chem. Environ. 2012, 16, 7.

42)  J. Nenwa, Gouet, Bebga, Martin Signé, M. M. Bélombé, M. Mbarki, B. P. T. Fokwa:2-Aminopyridinium trans-diaquabis[oxalato(2−)-κ2O1,O2] chromate(III), Acta Cryst. 2012, E68, m1325.