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06/2022: Our first collaborative work with the Feng group on 2D magnetic MOFs has been accepted in Chem.Eur.J. Congrats to Diana for taking care of the magnetic measurements

06/2022: Our collaborative work with the Nenwa group (Cameroon) on novel high-spin Co(III) antiferromagnetic complexes has been published in J.Mol.Stru. Congrats to Diana and Kate for taking care of the magnetic and single-crystal measurements. 

06/2022 Eunsoo has accepted a job offer by the "Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute" and will continue research there. All the best Eunsoo!

- 06/2022 Eunsoo has successfully defended his PhD thesis. Eunsoo is the fifth member of the Fokwa group @UCR to graduate with a PhD (tenth overall)! Congratulations.

- 06/2022 Jan, Ardalan and Eunsoo have all been hooded (see official UCR video here:

- 05/2022: Jan's paper on the discovery of the first Os-based ferromagnetic boride with above RT Tc has been accepted in Chem.Eur.J. as highly important paper.

- 05/2022: Eunsoo, Ardalan, Diana, and Johan have again teamed up to show that the second member of the FGnT family of spintronic materials, Fe5Ge2Te2 (FG2T) is even more active for HER than the recently reported FGT. Published in ZAAC. Excellent job guys!

- 05/2022: The group welcomes a new graduate student. We wish Shola E. Adeniji fun and great success.

- 05/2022: Kate has won the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award 2021-2022! Congratulations on a well-deserved award.

- 12/2021: Eunsoo's invited account has been published in Accounts of Chemical Research. This is the second Accounts of the group and it focuses on structure-activity relationships in nonprecious metal borides for hydrogen production. Gr eat job Eunsoo! Have a look here:

- 12/2021: Eunsoo's art describing the structure-activity relationships in non-precious metal borides for hydrogen production was selected as a cover for Accounts of Chemical Research.

- 10/2021: Jan and Kate's invited paper on experimental and theoretical study of the ternary boride TiIrB has been published in Z. Naturforsch. B. Congrats on your first paper in the group, Kate. Great work Jan!

- 09/2021: Our collaboration with the Janka group (Saarbruecken Germany) has led to another great publication in Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., on the mixed-valent Eu2Ni8Si3 and its structural anti­-Type Sr2Pt3Al8. Great job to all (including Yuemei@Warren Wilson college)!

- 07/2021: Boniface has been promoted to Full Professor, effective July 1. He is grateful to all present and past group members for their contributions over the years.

- 06/2021: Our invited paper on "a new Ferrimagnetic Boride Containing Planar B6 Rings Interacting with Ferromagnetic Mn Chains" has just been published as part of The Journal of Physical Chemistry virtual special issue “Alexander Boldyrev Festschrift”. Excellent job to all involved!

- 04/2021: Ardalan's invited paper on "Highly active MAB phases for hydrogen evolution" has just been published in the open access journal Advanced Energy and Sustainability Research. Enjoy reading:! Excellent job Ardalan!

- 02/2021: Pritam's work on "Designing the first Ti3Co5B2-type magnetic borides showing RT hysteresis" has been accepted by JACS. Congrats Pritam!

- 02/2021: Ardalan, Eunsoo, Diana and Johan have teamed up to show that the highly attractive spintronic vdW compound Fe3GeTe2 (FGT) has abundant active sites on its basal plane and its edges, making it the currently best vdW HER electrocatalyst in bulk form. Published in ACS Materials Letters. Excellent job guys!

- 11/2020: Jan's work on " Direct Correlation of Mechanical Hardness and Chemical Bonding in the Borides Sc2Ir6–xPdxB " has been published by J.Phys.Che. C. Congrats Jan!

- 07/2020: Jan's work on "Site-preferential Copper Substitution for Silicon leads to Cu‑Chains in the New Ternary Silicide Ir4-xCuSi2" has just been accepted for publication in Z. Kristallographie. Excellent job to Jan. This is an invited work dedicated to Prof. Ulrich Mueller (Marburg, Germany), who is a pioneer of structural chemistry, on the occasion of his 80th birthday.

- 06/2020: Our collaborative work with the Nenwa group (Yaounde, Cameroon) has yielded an exciting paper "On nanochanneled silver-deficient tris(oxalato)chromate(III) coordination polymers" recently published in Journal of Molecular Structure. Great job Pritam! See

- 06/2020: We thank NSF for providing a one year financial support to Johan Yapo, who also is the newest group member. Congratulations Johan, welcome to the group and all the best for the future!

- 05/2020: Boniface is grateful to the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) located in Sweden for recognizing his work with the title Fellow of IAAM (FIAAM,

- 05/2020: Jan and Michael's work on "Transformation of trigonal planar B4 into zigzag B4 units within the new boride series Ti2–xM1+x–δIr3+δB3 " has just been accepted for publication in Solid State Sciences. Excellent job to Jan and Michael.

- 05/2020: Hyounmyung’s final manuscript in the Fokwa group on an "Unusual Solid Solution, Cr1–xMoxB2, that shows Canonic-Like c-lattice parameter and HER Activity, enabling the x = 0.6 member to overpower the benchmark Pt/C at High Current Density” has just been accepted for publication in Advanced Materials. Excellent job Hyounmyung! See

- 04/2020 Our collaborative work with the Janka group (now at "Universität des Saarlandes", Germany) has yielded an exciting paper "On the Formation of the Gd3Ru4Al12 versus the Y2Co3Ga9 Type Structure" recently published in Dalton Transactions. Great job Prof. Yuemei Zhang! See

- 04/2020: Eunsoo’s work on a "Vanadium boride electrocatalysts showing an unexpected boron chain dependency of their HER activity that also enables predictions” has just been accepted by Angew. __Chem. Excellent job Eunsoo! See

- 03/2020 Our collaborative work with the Janka group has yielded another exciting paper in Mater.Chem.Front. Great job Prof. Yuemei Zhang! See

- 01/2020: First collaborative paper with the Slabon group at Stockholm University (Sweden) on "Nanostructured Core-Shell Metal Boride-Oxide as Highly Efficient Electrocatalysts for Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation" has just been published online in Nanoscale. Excellent job to all!

- 01/2020: Our collaborative work (Z. Naturforschung B) with the Janka group (Muenster-Germany) is dedicated to Professor Arndt Simon on the occasion of his 80th birthday.

- 01/2020: Ardalan's first paper on "the first MAB Li-ion battery materials" has just been accepted in JMCA and invited for Cover. Thanks to the continued collaboration with the Guo group (CEE)! Excellent job Ardalan!

- 01/2020: Pritam's work on a "delicate balancing act between AFM and FM in magnetic borides" has been published in Chem.Eur.J. and invited for Insite Cover. Congrats Pritam!

- 01/2020: Raja's work on a new 250 K vdW ferromagnet (FG2T) showing large PMA has been published in Phys. Status Solidi RRL. Thanks to the Shi group (Physics) for the great collaboration! Great job Raja!



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