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- 08/2023 Diana has successfully defended her PhD thesis on 08/24/2023. Well done Dr. Luong and we wish you the best for your next journey. 
- 08/2023 Kate and Michael's work on Experimental and Computational Investigations of the First Quaternary Phase of the NbRuB Structure Type has just been published as an invited issue dedicated to Prof. Michael Ruck (PhD co-Advisor of Boniface) on the occasion of his 60th birthday. congrats All! Check it out here:

- 07/2023 Boniface presented our work, on chemical bonding in boride electrocatalysts, as an invited speaker at the International Conference on Chemical Bonding (ICCB) in Kapa'a (HI).

- 05/2023 Jan and Michael's work in collaboration with the Poettgen group (Muenster Germany) on the discovery of a new complex boride with a new structure type has been published in Inorg.Chem. Congrats to all. Check it out here:
- 04/2023 Boniface presented our work on "low dimensional rare-earth-free magnets" as Seminar guest speaker at Columbia (New York) and UPENN (Philadelphia).
- 01/2023 Our first collaborative work with the Chen Li group on pressure- and temperature-dependent Raman investigations of FGT has been published  in Adv. Physics Res. Congrats to all. Check it out here:

06/2022: Our first collaborative work with the Feng group on 2D magnetic MOFs has been accepted in Chem.Eur.J. Congrats to Diana for taking care of the magnetic measurements

06/2022: Our collaborative work with the Nenwa group (Cameroon) on novel high-spin Co(III) antiferromagnetic complexes has been published in J.Mol.Stru. Congrats to Diana and Kate for taking care of the magnetic and single-crystal measurements. 

06/2022 Eunsoo has accepted a job offer by the "Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute" and will continue research there. All the best Eunsoo!

- 06/2022 Eunsoo has successfully defended his PhD thesis. Eunsoo is the fifth member of the Fokwa group @UCR to graduate with a PhD (tenth overall)! Congratulations.

- 06/2022 Jan, Ardalan and Eunsoo have all been hooded (see official UCR video here:

- 05/2022: Jan's paper on the discovery of the first Os-based ferromagnetic boride with above RT Tc has been accepted in Chem.Eur.J. as highly important paper.

- 05/2022: Eunsoo, Ardalan, Diana, and Johan have again teamed up to show that the second member of the FGnT family of spintronic materials, Fe5Ge2Te2 (FG2T) is even more active for HER than the recently reported FGT. Published in ZAAC. Excellent job guys!

- 05/2022: The group welcomes a new graduate student. We wish Shola E. Adeniji fun and great success.

- 05/2022: Kate has won the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award 2021-2022! Congratulations on a well-deserved award.


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