2018 Outreach

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2018 Outreach


Stephanie Sanchez

 Now a Chemistry Major at Columbia University (Ivy League Research University) has credited our outreach program as the major factor for her decision to be a chemistry major! We wish her great success @ Columbia and an exemplary career in chemistry! 

stephanie sanchez


Educational outreach activity for Moreno valley high schools

The educational activity started in 2017 which aims to implement a new materials chemistry class into the chemistry curriculum of Moreno Valley high schools was also a huge success this year. The materials chemistry class will be composed of two learning phases: The first phase (at school) comprises three sets of experiments which will be related to industrially used processes and useful solid state materials, and the second phase (a one-day visit to UCR) will comprise interactions with undergraduate students including campus tour of STEM facilities, three sets of demonstrations by graduate students and a seminar by the PI.

2018 out2